Make A Change

Black Lives Matter

A`udhu billahi min ash-shaytan ar-rajim. Bismillahar-Rahmanar-Rahim.

But wait Aisha.. don’t all lives matter? Of course they do! The Black Lives Matter movement is not a racist movement. It doesn’t discriminate against people who are not black. Actually it does the opposite. It demands racial equality across all races. Therefore it is an all lives matter movement. How many men have to be killed until we fix ourselves up and kill this ridiculous hatred between each other. The death of George Floyd (not the first African American to be killed mercilessly by police brutality) sparked protests across the globe. Now Jacob Blake has made headlines as he was shot 7 times by the police in front of his children.

Another distrubing case I read about recently was back from 2017 when a fellow Muslim brother was killed in a very similar way to George Floyd. Muhammad Abdul Muhaymin was mocked by the police as he called out to Allah for help in his last moments. “Allah he’s not going to help you now” one of the officers said as Muhammad took his final breath under the officers knee on his neck. Not to mention all the officers that have made disgusting comments towards someones skin colour before killing them. This is blatant hate towards a group of people. When will this racism stop?

There is no room for racism in Islam. The Prophet PBUH addressed this issue in his farewell speech with the words “There is no favour of a white skin over a black skin, Nor black skin over white skin, except by rightousness”. Our souls have no ethnicity. It’s just our bodies. The layer of skin that covers our bodies. That is it. Is it really enough to judge someone on that layer? Judging their character their right to be respected? Islam encouarges us to think about the hearafter and lose attachment to these material things. We need to keep reminding ourselves of the hereafter in order to lose attachment to these things. The Prophet Muhammad PBUH said “we are all from Adam and Adam is from dust. So what superiority can we claim over one another?”. The only superior one is Allah SWT. How we are viewed in his eyes are the only eyes that matter. Allah doesn’t see skin colour, he only makes distinctions between our piety.

I keep reading about all these anti Black Lives Matter groups protesting against them in a hope to keep the oppression. Which is obviously ridiculous and incomprehensible to most people. But also family’s in America that are pointing guns at the protesters and even last night (25/08/2020) 3 people were shot in the protests. I can’t help but think some people have turned this into a White vs Black battle. Which is NOT what this is at all. The battle is against racism. The battle is EVERYONE against racism. If we could all understand that and come together, we can end racism for good. Malcolm X, after his visit to Mecca, said that Islam has the potential to wipe out racism from America. A huge problem that can be solved by bringing ourselves closer to the deen, alhamdulillah.

Before I wrap this up I want to talk a little about Bilal, may Allah be pleased with him. One of the most pious companions of the Prophet PBUH. Bilal was a slave that was tourtured by his master for being Muslim and eventually was freed by Abu Bakr and became a very loyal slave to Allah SWT. One day when having an argument with the companions, one of them said to him “you’re the son of a black woman”. Straight after saying it the man was very sorry and even started kissing his feet but Bilal was mad. He went straight to the Prophet PBUH and told him of what happened. The Prophet called the man immediately and said to him “It doesn’t matter if you didn’t have the intention to be racist. You are still a man that is clinging to ignorance”. What powerful words.

It’s not easy carrying around a heart full of hate. I encourage anyone reading this to drop that hate. I’m not just talking about racism i’m talking about all hates for all groups of people. Weather it’s hating someone because of their religion, sex or even choice of football team. Unless they support Liverpool 😉 I’m joking I don’t know anything about football. Peace guys!

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