Why I Wear Hijab with Nailah Edwards Half My Deen

I'm joined with Muslim Convert Nailah Edwards to discuss some of the reasons for wearing Hijab. We don't discuss anything scholarly just our own experiences.
  1. Why I Wear Hijab with Nailah Edwards
  2. MUM and DAUGHTER become Muslim with The Scottish Revert Teacher
  3. How YOU can Help the Uyghur Muslims
  4. Inspiration from the Life of Khabib – with Aisha and Sultan
  5. Life Lessons I learn't as a Revert in an Islamic School
  6. How a Fly brought me closer to Allah
  7. The Battle to Free the Uyghur Muslims
  8. Things for Reverts to WATCH OUT For!!!
  9. How to Never Miss a Prayer
  10. What are you Suffering for?
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